Thyra systems Motors LLC is a company specialized in the design and production of electric motors for various industrial applications. A globally consolidated reality born from the long experience. today the company is able to design and manufacture highly customized motors, satisfying the most varied customer requests and the needs of global market.

Thyra has been manufacturing Electric Motors since 2007 and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of motors.

Thyra motors are a logical choice for a wide range of industries including:

Oil & Gas Mining Petro-Chemical
Pulp & Paper Power & Energy Electric Utility
Water & Waste Water Marine Steel
Cement Air Separation Cement

Typical applications include Agitators, Blowers, Boring Mills, Pumps, Conveyors, Crushers, Fans and many more.

Special design features are available:

  • Very Low Vibration
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Low Starting Current
  • High Torques
  • Large Number of Starts
  • Extreme Areas
  • Multi-plane Balancing

Our highly experienced High Voltage Departments located in USA has the capability to design and project manage the manufacture of Medium and High Voltage motors including large motor/drive combination projects up to 22MW.

Whatever your motor and drive requirements our experienced engineering teams can help and advise on the most appropriate products to suit your applications.

Key Features of our motors

  • Low starting current and low noise options available
  • Safe area and hazardous area: Ex d, Ex nA, Ex p, Ex e
  • Wide range of cooling and enclosure options including TEFC, CACA, CACW, NEMA I & II, screen protected
  • All mounting configurations available
  • Instrumentation and monitoring to suit customer requirements, temperature, vibration, etc
  • 100% mechanically interchangeable and electrically compatible drop-in replacement options available

Products range:

Electric motors

Medium and high voltage electric motors

THYRA standard products are manufactured for applications within a wide variety of industries worldwide.  The range includes many series.

The three-phase squirrel caged induction designs, come in a range of voltages.

The product range covers up to 630 frame, across wide power ranges.

Medium and high voltage squirel cage electric motors ribbed cooled

Medium and high voltage electric motors tube cooled

Medium and high voltage electric motors modular type (IC611 cooled and other)

Low voltage electric motors

Whether you require a total rebuild or minor repair our low voltage motor departments are never more that a phone call away. Our workshops are specially equipped with state of the art equipment and engineers dedicated to keeping your downtime to a minimum.  To keep your down time to a minimum all of our branches carry extensive stocks of both new motors and spare parts.

We offer a wide range of low voltage replacements units including non-standard, specialist and self-contained units, with full repair and overhaul service offered backed up by electrical, mechanical and vibration tests.

Low voltage compact frame electric motors

Low voltage high efficiency electric motors,

Low voltage vertical motors

Low, medium and high voltage slip ring electric motors

Slip ring electric motors IC411 cooled

Slip ring electric motors IC511 cooled

High voltage slip ring electric motors modular version

Explosion proof high voltage electric motors

Explosion proof electric motors IC411

Explosion proof high voltage electric motors IC511

Explosion proof high voltage electric motors – IC611

Other products:

  • Standard Motors– Low Voltage
  • Explosion proof motors
  • High voltage Motors
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Motors for conveyor belts
  • Smoke extraction motors
  • Synchronous generators
  • UL / CSA Motors
  • Gost Motors

THYRA Motors facility is ISO 9001 Quality assurance management &  ISO 14001 Environmental management Certified