THYRA SYSTEMS have the ability to support procurement projects in various methods. We directly provide procurement services to our projects and that is conducted through an internal digitized system to manage each project order from the placement of the order and tracked to the delivery. We ensure to maintain sufficient procurement cycle. The other method is that we bid on projects to supply vendors, clients, institutions, and industries with various range of products in fields of:

  • Electricity
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipelines

Our have the qualified team to study tenders, navigate through our wide resources, and prepare our bid. We have the network to supply from and to every region in the world.

Project Management

THYRA SYSTEMS provide an excellent and state of art project management services to our clients. Since our foundation, we worked closely with clients from day one on their projects. Each project we assist or handle its management is a unique success story for us. We start  the process by establishing the Project Management infrastructure, set forth the project definitions, and construct the project plan; after that, the project starts the execution phase. During the execution phase, project management and control is developed and implemented. During the project execution phase, THYRA SYSTEMS develop project controls (charter, budget, risk management, status report), quality assurance and safety assurance, track and review data, deliverables and efforts, and analyze reports and data into information that assist Project Manger and key manager about the overall project status. Our team conduct periodic visits to each projects site, and we have provided on site local teams to be part of the daily operations of the project.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction at THYRA SYSTEMS is one of the critical services that we provide. Throughout our EPC projects, we utilize the other services that we provide to serve each project. THYRA SYSTEMS have, through the years, completed successful projects through best practices, innovation, and cost efficient. We have the right team to provide the high end engineering services, worldwide procurement service, and construction. We have the right tool and right skills for the execution of the projects.

Oil Filed Chemicals

THYRA SYSTEMS has a specialized team of experts and respected and qualified suppliers in the United States to supply chemicals that is used in the following fields:

  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Sea water evaporators
  • Waste Water Plants
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants

Pipelines Inspection

THYRA SYSTEMS believes pipelines are an important part of the infrastructure that supplies the energy needs of business and the public. THYRA SYSTEMS have years of experience in oil and gas pipeline assessment and inspection. Our team of professional engineers and inspectors cover wide spectrum of disciplines including petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, coating inspection and testing. Variety of inspection methods performed by THYRA SYSTEMS, inspection methods include but not limited to:

  • Visual and optical testing.
  • Leak testing
  • Magnetic particle testing

Pipelines Inspection

THYRA SYSTEMS have the expertise to perform pipelines inspection services in the United States and Internationally through a team oriented effort and knowledge. We have the resources to supply private and national oil services companies with inspection tools and technologies, inspection techniques and methods, cost efficient and safe models, and inspection teams training. We have conducted experiments at our partners’ sites on the cutting edge technologies to detect leakage of crude oil and natural gas as these two elements are the common elements used worldwide.

Pipelines Inspection

THYRA SYSTEMS have the capabilities to provide the innovative systems and machines through technological platforms and systems to detect defects and leakage within minutes from the occurrence of the leak.
These systems are connected through a software to sport the exact location of the parts that needs urgent fix.

The origin of all our systems and machines are from westerns and American manufacturers.

Pipelines Inspection

THYRA SYSTEMS provides training services to teams of inspectors.

Our training is laid out to the inspectors to provide them with the right knowledge and supply them with the right methods to perform the tests.

Training courses can be provided at the manufacturers sites or online.